FTP Commander Pro

Effortlessly Upload and Download Your Web Pages with Speed and Ease

Discover the power of FTP Commander Pro - the ultimate solution for super-fast and easy web page uploads and downloads! Take control of your website's destiny with an intuitive interface and a plethora of advanced features.
Introducing FTP Commander Pro, the go-to FTP client for web developers and professionals seeking a seamless and efficient way to upload and download web pages.
One of the key aspects that sets FTP Commander Pro apart is its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both seasoned webmasters and beginners. Whether you're transferring large files or synchronizing directories, this market-leading solution ensures a smooth and secure operation every time.

For those working on sophisticated websites with search engines, databases, and server-side scripting, FTP Commander Pro offers the ability to assign access permissions to remote servers, guaranteeing complete control over your website's content. Its directory synchronization feature simplifies the process of updating your website with the latest changes from your local machine.

But FTP Commander Pro doesn't stop there – it's more than just a basic FTP client. Experience enhanced functionality with features like file compression, search, and server-side file editing, all within the convenience of this powerful software.. More info...

Home Security Camera

Discover the power of our award-winning video surveillance software, transforming your computer into a robust video-security system. Keep a watchful eye on your home or business from anywhere with remote access!
With Home Security Camera, experience top-notch remote video surveillance solutions in a seamless and professional manner. Say goodbye to monthly charges! Enjoy the benefits of free remote server storage and hassle-free video downloading.
Protect what matters most with our cutting-edge technology. Get started today and take control of your security like never before! More info...

Mailing List Deluxe

Streamline Your Email Communication with Personalized Message Templates

Are you tired of sending generic emails that seem to get lost in the abyss of inboxes? Do you wish to create more meaningful connections with your clients? Look no further! Our Personalized Email Program is here to transform your email communication and take your business to new heights.
Personalization is the key to successful email marketing, and with our Email Program, you'll unlock a whole new level of engagement and client satisfaction. Strengthen your client relationships, boost conversions, and optimize your email campaigns with ease. Embrace the power of personalization today and witness the transformative impact on your business. Get started with our Personalized Email Program and make every email count!

The program contains a built-in algorithm to check whether addresses are correct and current. The program runs on the same basis as the smtp-server. It connect with the server to check whether or not any given address on the sever exists. Invalid e-mails can be deleted from the mail list. By deleting invalid addresses from your mailing list you are reducing network traffic and the channel load of your ISP, while also facilitating current and future distributions. More info ...

DB Maker

Your Data Transformation Wizard
With DB Maker, you can extract valuable information from HTML or other unstructured files with a few simple clicks. Say goodbye to manual data search and extraction, as DB Maker's intelligent algorithms do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring accurate and error-free results.
Whether you're dealing with stock market share quotations, financial data, customer records, or any other information, DB Maker handles diverse data sets with ease. The software allows you to define the format and layout of the resulting text file, tailoring it to your unique needs. Once your data is neatly organized, DB Maker seamlessly integrates with popular programs like Microsoft Excel, enabling you to perform make data-driven decisions. DB Maker is a time-saving, cost-effective solution that makes data management a breeze. Don't let your data remain untamed and unused. Embrace the magic of DB Maker and watch as your unstructured information transforms into a workable database, guiding you toward success. Unlock the Power of Your Data with DB Maker! More info...

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is the go-to app for all your Android screen recording needs. With its user-friendly interface and impressive range of features, it stands out as a reliable and efficient screen recording solution. From content creators to casual users, everyone can benefit from the clarity, ease, and flexibility that Screen Recorder offers. So, why wait? Start capturing, recording, and sharing your screen effortlessly with Screen Recorder – Your Screen, Your Story!
With Screen Recorder, you can capture anything on your screen, anytime, and share your stories with unmatched clarity and ease. Whether you're a content creator, educator, gamer, or simply want to preserve precious memories, this app is your perfect companion.

Whether you want to create video tutorials to share your knowledge, save special moments from video calls, or capture a live stream that can't be downloaded, this app has got you covered. You can record anything and everything that happens on your screen, making it your ultimate screen recording companion.

Screen Recorder is designed to work seamlessly without any root access and offers flexible options for screen orientation, supporting both vertical and horizontal modes. Now you can record your content in the desired orientation, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

Screen Recorder goes beyond just capturing your device's screen. It allows you to record IP camera streams, cloud cameras, as well as rtsp and rtmp streams. This feature comes in handy if you want to monitor your security cameras or save a live stream that isn't available for download. With this app, you can conveniently capture and save these video feeds for later use.

To enhance your recording experience, Screen Recorder comes with a countdown timer feature. This handy tool lets you prepare yourself and your device before starting a recording. You can grant permission to display the countdown timer even when using other apps, ensuring a smooth and convenient recording process. More info...

RTSP Security Camera

RTSP Security Camera: Your Peaceful Eyes, Anytime, Anywhere!

Turn your old smartphone into a watchful guardian. The RTSP Security Camera app enables you to live-stream video and audio over Wi-Fi, offering you real-time access to what matters most. Whether you're away on vacation, at work, or simply in another room, our app ensures you stay connected to your property and loved ones.
With the RTSP Security Camera app for Android, you can easily turn your old smartphone into a powerful IP camera with support for RTSP streaming, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere, at any time.

Gone are the days when setting up a video surveillance system required expensive IP cameras and complex hardware installations. With the RTSP Security Camera app, you can transform your old Android smartphone into a fully functional security camera without spending a fortune. By utilizing the phone's built-in camera and the app's RTSP server, you can effortlessly stream high-quality video and audio over Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for additional costly hardware. With ultra-low latency and minimum delay, the RTSP Security Camera app ensures that you can access real-time streaming video from your camera. The ability to work in the background as a service and its low power consumption mean you can leave the camera running 24/7 without draining your phone's battery excessively.

Embrace the future of home and office security with RTSP Security Camera - your virtual guardian on the go! More info...