The Vista team is made up of highly skilled Mathematics, systems analysts and programmers who, having worked in a
    wide variety of financial institutions, have an unsurpassed depth of knowledge of the economy and its procedures.

    We combine this experience with the latest technology in order to bring you the best possible tools with which to analyse and participate in  the  markets.

    We invest heavily in market research and systems development in order to allow our developers to pro-actively respond to the needs of the marketplace and our clients in a rapidly changing environment.

    The Vista company has pioneered the development of high-tech analytical systems with a solid theoretical base in  modern investment theory  for financial institutions, banks and others and is a market leader in this sector.

    Vista is currently undertaking the development of a major project  for the largest Russian non-State pension fund company.

    Vista is committed to providing value for money services for the custom development of software and hardware solutions in your business. We specialize in the automation and computerization of accounting systems and other complex financial and investment software. We have already designed, developed and installed systems for computerising  80 private pension fund management systems (which corresponds to over 1000 sites). We are also involved in providing support for specialized hardware devices utilised in the industrial and financial services industry.

    Our favoured development environments are C++ and Delphi.  We endeavour to provide a high quality service at a reasonable price.

    Please do not hesitate to request a quotation for any special need which you may have - You will be pleasantly surprised by our terms.  We especially aim for long-term and mutually advantageous commercial relationships with our client companies.

    To  familiarize yourself further with our company and our products, please visit  our web site at https://www.vista.ru.

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