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    Thank you for your interest in the Vista Software Products
    Vista has always been committed to cooperation to the mutual benefit of the community, the press, and other companies.

    Our cooperation and co-marketing opportunities may be of interest to members of the press, Website owners/managers, educators/lecturers, and developers or publishers of: software, e-books, periodical companion CD-ROMs, or CD-ROM collections of software or courseware. If you or your editor or fact-checking department require information or resources beyond what is available here please do not hesitate to contact us.

    The Vista Software Products received over 500000 downloads  worldwide. Among the download locations that we were able to track were  C|Net's,, Tucows and others. Customer letters alluded to many other smaller sites making the product available for download which we were not able to track. 

    Vista Partner Reseller Program
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    Distribution Licensing
    We have been requested on dozens of occasions for permission to allow the Vista Software, to be included in various CD-ROM, magazine, and course collections. In fact, two of the largest direct-to-consumer PC manufacturers have requested permission to ship the Vista Software Products pre-installed on their computers upon its release.
    To facilitate such requests we've created an easy method of requesting and receiving permission to distribute the Vista Software Products.   To distribute the Vista Software by any means but via publicly-accessable Web or FTP sites you must submit registration form and receive back from Vista a  Distribution License Agreement. 
    Submit your request:

    For Software Developers
    We received literally thousands of positive e-mail messages from our users.  We've even gotten messages from support technicians at major software and hardware companies  that they use our software to provide support to their customers. And we want you to be a part of it.

    Link Us

    Vista Lable Link buttons, program descriptions, and URLs for Website owners and managers who would like to link to our downloadable programs, or who would like to add downloadable programs to software libraries. 

    Download Software from:
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    Visit Internet-Soft.Com
    Visit Internet-Soft.Com

    Add your link here

    We invite potential investors to ask questions via e-mail our Investor Relations Department and we will do all we can to post the inquiry and response on this website. 
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