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    Web Designs Packages
    Select from the options below for custom Design and Hosting packages. Please note that a consultation is still necessary for a final quote, but this feature will give you the best possible estimate. For any values above the ones listed, please email for a consultation. See below for explanation of terms.
    With all custom packages, hosting plans will be tailored to the completed site so that you get the features you need and don't pay for the ones you don't! If you still aren't sure what kind of site you need, or would prefer it, Vista would also be happy to design your web page at an hourly rate. Email with information about what type of site you are interested in having designed and answers to any of the questions below for an hourly quote.
    Number of pages designed/built: Number of images scanned\manipulated:
    1-3 0
    4-6 1-3
    7-12 4-6
    13-20 7-10
    21-30 11-15
    31-40 16-20
    Custom JavaScript: Custom Graphics:
    None None
    Some A few
    Lots Many
    Online Shopping Cart Real Audio/Video:
    No No
    Small Yes
    Guestbook: Email/Posted Forms:
    No No
    Yes Yes
    Message Board: Setup Website on Server:
    No No
    Yes Yes
    Other Custom Scripts: Overall Site Complexity:
    None Simple
    Some Medium
    Lots Complex

  • Number of Pages Designed/Built -- the approximate number of pages that the site will consist of
  • Number of Images Scanned/Manipulated -- the approximate number of photos/logos to be scanned or edited in electronig format to make them ready for the site
  • Custom JavaScript -- scripts which allow you to add things like mouseovers, random text/graphics, automatic redirection, drop-down menus, time/date, user information, surveys, etc.
  • Custom Graphics -- graphics made specifically for your website - navigation interfaces, headers, buttons, banners, etc. Most sites will have at least some custom graphics.
  • Online Shopping Cart -- allows you to have an online store and have customers purchase items through your website, a small cart would consist of just a few items, a large cart would have 10 or more items
  • Real Audio/Video -- audio and/or video feeds streaming from a server so that visitors to your website can hear sounds/music or watch videos in real time, withouth having to wait for them to download
  • Guestbook -- an online guestbook allows your site's visitors to enter their name, website, email address, and comments in a section on your website that can be viewed by others. A nice personal touch.
  • Email/Posted forms -- similar to the form above that calculates the estimate. Forms can also be designed to email the information entered to you. Useful for customer surveys or product information.
  • Message Board -- similar in construction to a guestbook, but more organized and for the purpose of communicating information to, from, and by consumers, not personal comments
  • Setup Website on Server -- we can set up your completed website on our server to save you the trouble of having to use FTP to upload all the files. This service includes setting up email addresses, and any Real Audio/Video, CGI scripts, and anything else that interacts with the web server
  • Other Custom Scripts -- usually CGI. Used for things like password-protected web pages, chat rooms, etc.
  • Overall Site Complexity -- this is used to give us an idea of what kind of elements will make up your website and how involved the construction will be. A simple website takes much less time than a complex one. A simple website is mainly text, no interactive elements, a few graphics. A complex site would consist of graphic-filled pages, lots of interactivity with website visitors, and custom scripts. Medium complexity would be anything that falls in between.
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