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Vista Back Office
Accounting Software 
for Investment Companies.
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    Vista Back Office
      The operating system MS Windows 3. X, Windows 95, Windows NT 3. X-4. Compatibility with other programs: Through OLE and DDE exchange the program works with  MS Office (Word, Excel) .

    Support of the investment scores of the clients
      Let's consider a concrete example. The investment corporation makes confidential handle of tools of the clients, receiving a share of the profit from an investment of these tools. The conditions of an investment depend on the concrete requirements presented by each client to the investment portfolio. Some clients prefer risky policy of an investment, other demand the guaranteed income or limit investments in some sectors of the financial market. Accordingly share from the profit received investment company, also depends on conditions of an investment. In one case profit and the losses are divided with the client in defined proportions, in other profit of the company - exceeding of the guaranteed income of the client etc. Handle of an investment portfolio of the client, especially in cases, when the client can up to introduce to a portfolio additional tools or except a part of tools from a portfolio, is connected to huge difficulties under the registration of tools both account of the obtained income and yield. And if such clients some tens? Furthermore, some clients transmit to handle not money resources, and generated investment portfolios, which the investment company is obliged to return on expiration of time of confidential handle and income on which is the guaranteed income of the client. During confidential handle the investment company can reform a portfolio and in case of obtaining additional (in comparison with guaranteed) income to receive the share of the profit. Therefore on some clients it is necessary for a message and to analyze portfolios, on which will be calculated the obligations of the investment company (so-called passive portfolios). Thus one of the main tasks of the investment company becomes such handle of customer portfolios, which with the least risk for itself will allow to receive such yield from an investment of customer tools, which would suffice not only on cover of the obligations of the company before the clients liquidity of the company) but also for obtaining purely profit.

    Import of data.
      For current analysis of investment portfolios and analysis of the financial market as a whole, the system allows operatively to import data about various financial tools. For this purpose it is necessary to an operator once to adjust templates of import of the financial information, which can be delivered to one of news agencies, then the data will be updated in an automatic mode. Also, in case of necessity, it is possible to make manual input or editing of the information.

    Support of investment portfolios.
      The creation and purely support of an investment portfolio does not cause the large difficulties. For want of desire it is possible to enter into the description of a portfolio various help data about the client, which then will be used in registration of necessary documents in the system BackOffice. The input of the necessary information about the bargains with financial tools, about input in a portfolio and output from a portfolio of tools, is carried out through the friendly user the interface. System allows to receive state of a portfolio on Selected date with the indication of date of a purchase of each asset, price of a purchase, nested sum current income and yield obtained for period given user etc. And is possible to adjust practically of any report, given by the user can be necessary for the user. The system allows to unite some investment portfolios for the summary analysis of investment activity, with possibility of obtaining of dynamics of yield of one portfolio or collection of portfolios.

    Support of the registration and creation of the reporting according to the NAUFOR - standart.
      In a program complex will be realized:

      - Support of the internal schedule of the scores BackOffice

      - Principle of double record under the scores;

      - Support of the registration of own money resources and valuable papers and Money resources and valuable papers of the clients of the company;

      - Introduction of unique numbers for each score inside registration Systems.

      The system provides support of the following help databases and book:

        • - Data about the dealers and investment institutes
        • - Data about financial tools
        • - Data about the clients and portfolios
        • - Data about the bank properties
        • - Data about the agreements
        • - Book of the applications and commissions on the bargains
        • - Book the bargains
        • - Book of accounting operations
        • - Book of money resources movement
      Any operation of the system can be a cancellation, is edited or is conducted backdating, not infringing logical connections between subsystems.

      The program allows to make analytical accounting on selected financial tools, agreements, dealers and investment institutes, clients and portfolios.

      In the program the following reports are formed:

        - Book of money resources movement.

        - The book of the registration of valuable papers.

        - Log-book of diler operations.

        - Application and commission on the bargains.

        - Contracts and other documents.

        - Report on the uncompleted operations.

        - Statements of accounts of the clients

          1) Completed and uncompleted bargains under the score of the client;

          2) Payments for period;

          3) Commissions of reward;

          4) Dividends and percents calculated and paid;

          5) Admission fees and other costs;

          6) Amount of valuable papers of the client in nominal keeping of the company;

          7) Amount of valuable papers of the clients handed on responsible of the companies;

          8) Market value of a portfolio of the client;

          9) Money rest under the score of the client on date of compilation of the report.

          10) History of yield and cost of a portfolio of the client.

    The accounting reporting
      The program allows automatically to transfer postings for period to the system of book keeping B-Vista for creation of the necessary accounting reporting.

    The analysis of the financial market with the help of the program " The Financial Portfolio ".
      Besides the analysis of investment activity the system allows to analyze investment possibilities of financial tools, the information about which is in the database. The possibility of a choice of average prices of the financial tool on indicated date or set of financial tools (synthetic financial tool), dealers, selected on the list, and - or of the emitters, by date of cancellation or on any other parameters is stipulated. The system allows to calculate the dynamics of change of yield of an investment in one or in some financial tools. The account of statistical parameters received data about possibility of export in MS EXCEL or other systems for further processing is stipulated.

    Optimization of portfolios with the help of the program Money Maker.
      Using calculated profit values of an investment in financial tools, the system allows by an optimal image to form and overforme investment portfolios, depending on limitations or strategies of an investment set by the user. For this purpose the operator selects financial tools in which probably investment of tools, the necessary parameters and set-up (planned yield, risk, horizons of account of dependences etc.) are set, then the system calculates necessary structure of a portfolio for obtaining the given yield or minimization of risk of an investment (depending on the selected strategy). Besides operation with profit values of separate financial tools, use profit obtained, for example, various investment directions (departments) of the company, i.e is stipulated. In a portfolio can be calculated not only share of each concrete financial tool, and the share of an investment in concrete sector of the market , inside which can be accordingly generated the investment portfolio.
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