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    WinVista -  Non State Pension, Investment and Mutual Funds Software.
      Now for effective activity of Non State Pension Fund the special value have the newest technologies of automation . During development of not state pension fund there is a huge number of information links between departments, branches, divisions and clients not state pension funds, managing companies and other organizations. Then the computer networks and technologies become the conducting environment - some kind of information conveer, behind which the employees work. Such technologies are called  to increase an overall performance of not state pension funds, to reduce administrative expences and cost price of services of not state pension funds, to speed up movement of resources and thus to pay back tools, put in automation.

    How to decide, what software is better?

      On our sight the system of automation, on the one hand, should realize specific features each not state pension funds and, on the other hand, should be universal and ideologically completed.
       The  WinVista represents the comprehensive approach to a problem of not state pension funds automation, when all subsystems are realized in a uniform complex and within the framework of the uniform system of design and technological solutions. The given approach provides integration of the software for not state pension funds on the basis of network technology with application of modern tools of computer facilities.

      The WinVista supports case and personnel management for employee benefit plan administration offices.  WinVista is a relational data base which includes a plan master file to track plan data; an activity master file to track the progression of plans through the annual administration cycle; and a personnel master file to track and compare productivity among administrative personnel.  At any moment of time you can look the rest on any score and all operations which are carried out with it. The system allows to see a future balance under the score for any day with allowance for of future payments. Simplicity and convenience in dialogue with the system allow fast to learn to work with it even to the unskilled users. The erroneous operations do not result in destruction of the information and are easily corrected by user. The special function of the system allows to return on any date for correction of a probable error. A variety of the output forms gives all necessary information, which can to you require - from the statements to the clients up to a wide choice of the reports for required period For the scores of the participants and investors the separate registration of financial transactions and document circulation will be organized.

    Why many Non State Pension Funds have selected the "WinVista"?

      1) The "WinVista" is a choice for the benefit of uniform technological solution, transition from separate applications - to modern pension technologies.

      2) Real time scale for want of to operation with the system. Each employee of fund has access to the information directly after it of change from any job. The posting at once is reflected in front and other scores;

      3) Active archive of documents - i.e. all possibilities of operation with them are saved, namely the possibility is correct for deleting, to correct, to enter again from any last date without limitations (for faces have access), saving a correctness of a state of the scores;

      4) In the  "WinVista" for handle of databases is used professional database engine system.

      5) The exclusive use reliability of the system removes problems of fear for the database. Even for want of astably working means the integrity is guaranteed it. The reliability is reached for the score specially of developed procedures inspecting logical integrity of databases and the system as a whole.

      6) Hard definition of depth of access to the information for each employee irrespective of a job of access. The PC "WinVista" has no hard jobs and allows the manager easily to regulate the system under various functions of the employees;

      7) Integration, conceptual integrity, absence of internal boundaries between subsystems

      8) Flexibility of the system - the employees can independently develop of system, adjust the forms of the reports, form of input-output.

      9) Modularity both simplicity of an integration and substitution of components, separate it.

      10) Simplicity in expluatation. The staff of branches, as a rule has no deep technical knowledges;

      11) Self-service of the system - own intrinsic functions - archiving, restorings of data.


      •      Support an unlimited number of plans, activities, administrative personnel
      •      Support user-defined factors and billing formulas for invoicing
      •      Support user-defined and pre-designed administration activities
      •      Support multi-year activity records
      •      Create management information reports
      •      Create time and billing reports for one plan, a sub-set of plans or all plans
      •      Create invoices, account statements and balance sheets
      •      Create 'free-form' reports
      •      Track and compare plan income, costs and services for multiple years
      •      Track and compare productivity of individual administrators
    As shows experience of operation of many Non State Pension Funds of Russian Federation, including largest, the "WinVista" is very convenient and quality pension fund software.  In "WinVista" are taken into account and the wishes more 100 Non State Pension Funds are realized.

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