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    MoneyMaker 2.6.

    Portfolio Optimization Software which allows the shareholder to create an optimal  portfolio structure using Markowitz, Sharp and Black methods.

    The given package allows to form a portfolio of investment assets (shares, bonds, currencies etc.) on the basis of use of the following criterions of optimization:

      - Minimization of risk of a portfolio for want of given income;

      - Maximization of the income for want of given risk;

    The conceptual part of  MoneyMaker bases on the modern theory of an investment  analysis developed by the winners of the Nobel Prize 1990 - of 1992 in area Economy:Markowitz, Sharp, Black. The adequacy of offered models to real processes of an investment is provided at the expense of the registration of the statistical characteristics (average values and correlation coefficients) investment assets, possibility of the registration of kredit operations, registration of operation with a short / long position.

    The package MoneyMaker allows:

    - To form and to support the specialized database on investment assets;

    - To form and to edit analyzed packages of investment assets;

    - To conduct the analysis of the investment projects for various values of parameters of models of an investment.

    In a program complex 6 optimization algorithms are realized on the basis of Markovitz, Sharp and Black  methods.

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