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    Vista Web Design Department.

    Your "image" is very important because it represents who you are. This applies in all aspects of public relations and customer service. First impression is everything!  Web design gives that first impression.

    That's why we at Vista don't mess around when it comes to your web design. The internet is becoming an extremely formidable avenue for company and product awareness and sales. For this reason, we take your web design very seriously.

    Though we always strive for the best in quality, we agree that many web developers charge way too much for their services. Our goal is to give you the best quality web design at the most affordable prices possible.

    If all you need is a few web pages thrown together so that you can say you're on the internet, we suggest you buy some software and do it yourself. In fact, we can help you to do this! However, if you are looking to display a work of art which will atract your potential clients/customers with a truly unique, interactive experience that will keep them coming back for more, then you've come to the right place! 

    We also design your site with optimum promotion in mind. What good is having a site if you can't promote it?

    Since each of our clients and their needs are so different, it is difficult to give preset prices for websites. 

    However, we have put together a few web design package plans which will give you an idea. Please keep in mind that these are for the purpose of general information only. There are too many variables and factors in considering a website estimate.

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